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Do you have any hotels closer to the track?

We’d love to have closer hotels to offer, however there are several reasons why we currently do not: Daytona International Speedway is awesome and hotels on or near the beach are pricey – and often sold out over major events. We require hotels to adhere to our low rate guarantee. We do our best to promote any hotels that are not over-charging loyal Daytona fans, and we only offer hotels that meet our strict quality standards.

Can't I call the hotel and get this rate?

No. We leverage the fans buying power to contract for blocks of rooms, and they guarantee us the best rates in return. We’ve been at this for more than 25 years, so rest assured if you book with us you are receiving the best possible rate and a guaranteed room.

When will I be charged for my hotel?

While a credit or debit card is required to book your reservation, that card is not charged when you book in our system. You can cancel up until the dates noted on the booking page with no penalty. After that date, the hotel may charge your first night’s room and tax ONLY.

Is there a lower rate for AARP, Military, etc.?

Our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest, including AARP, AAA, and any other online or publicly offered rate.

I called the hotel and they don’t have my reservation!

Don’t worry! We have contracted blocks of hotel rooms (that they can’t sell to anyone else) and don’t download into those blocks until closer to the race. Rest assured your reservation is confirmed! You can always log back in and view, change or cancel your reservation in our system, or give us a call and we’ll do it for you! (855) 677-6700.